step one! email!

Okay so, you’re interested in having your portrait taken but you’re:

  1. ) Nervous.

  2. ) Confused.

  3. ) Overwhelmed.

  4. ) All of it. I want to quit already!

Start by sending me an email via the booking page and we’ll start there! There are no stupid questions and I’m happy to walk you through all of your concerns about being photographed including pricing and payment options.

step two! consultation!

Before we set a date, let’s meet face to face or connect via facetime. Let’s go over how you want to be photographed, how you’d like your hair done, makeup done, wardrobe, styling. This will all be done with the help from a professionals (me!). We will also discuss pricing. Just a heads up, my pricing is the same across every genre.

step three! the photoshoot!

Everyone gets nervous before a photoshoot. Yes, even Photographers! The thing is, there’s nothing to worry about! We already have the tough stuff figured out! So, you’re only job on this day is to relax ( and maybe to bring your favorite playlist). You’re going to look like a million bucks and you’ve got a professional to direct you through your wardrobe changes and poses!

step four! the reveal!

The big day! The grand finale! The photo extravaganza! This is the day you see and bring home your images! I love to book reveals no later than 2-4 weeks after your photoshoot and the idea behind this day is pretty simple! You will arrive at my studio to see all of the best photos from your shoot. You only pick out and buy what you love! I am not there to hard sell you anything.